Garden Management

Most people are happy pottering in their garden, deadheading and mowing but feel at a loss when to prune and by how much. Others can feel overwhelmed by the task of managing their garden and need an occasional visit to help and guide them.

I can help you.

Little Quebb
Little Quebb in August

Management services

  • One to one advice and tuition in your garden.
  • Holding your hand and helping you look after your garden throughout the seasons.
  • Bringing year-round colour and interest to your borders and garden.
  • Waking up your garden in the spring and putting your to bed in the autumn.
  • Restoration pruning of fruit trees , shrubs and roses.
  • Formative training of climbers, espaliered fruit trees and new hedges.
  • Compile a maintenance calendar for you, along with photo IDs of your plants.
  • Garden-sitting whilst you are on holiday.