Garden Design

My ethos is to work in close partnership with you so that a design will evolve that meets your requirements and enhances your property.

I like to use local materials for hard landscaping to blend with both the surrounding countryside and the vernacular architecture.

Castle House, Eardisley

I have designed formal and informal, ornamental and productive gardens; from a low maintenance seaside garden to intensively worked kitchen gardens. Gardens on sandy soils, bog, acid, clay - in fact all sorts!

Some of the things I can do

  • Garden design that compliments your property.
  • Border and boundary enhancement, creation and renovation.
  • Site Survey and plan of your garden.
  • Hand drawn and coloured full design plans.
  • Layout plan, plant sourcing, supply and after care.
  • Soil analysis and preparation.
  • Advice on the selection of contractors, obtaining quotes and on-site supervision.
  • Ongoing advice and help.

Using plants to give beauty, colour and seasonal change are prime considerations. By applying horticultural concepts to ecological plantings, and ecological concepts to horticultural plantings, the results can be low maintenance; with a long season of interest, good for bees and butterflies - which also looks beautiful.